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Installed toolsets are not available in EclipseΒΆ

If you’ve followed the instructions to manually install Java, Eclipse and one or more of our toolsets, but the toolsets don’t seem to be available when you start Eclipse, this page may provide a solution to that problem. A similar case is that the toolsets were available before an update, but not after an update. Besides missing toolsets, you may encounter other symptoms, for example, missing file icons, or missing commands in the menus. This information may also apply to bundled IDE releases for Mac OS X.

It may seem as if the toolsets are not installed at all. Therefore, first verify that you indeed installed one or more of our toolsets. You can do this by checking the version of the installed toolsets. If you didn’t properly install the toolsets, you won’t find them listed at all.

If you indeed have the toolsets installed, but the tools don’t seem to be available, the most common cause is using a version of Java that is too old. To verify that this is indeed the problem, follow these steps:

  • Open the Plug-in Registry view.
  • Wait for the list to be populated with all available plug-ins.
  • Look for the plug-in.
  • Right click that plug-in and make sure the Show Advanced Operations option is enabled (checked).
  • Right click that plug-in and choose Diagnose.

If you get a dialog stating No problems detected, the problem is not that your Java version is too old. If you get a dialog stating Missing Constraint: Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment: JavaSE-1.8, your Java version is indeed too old. In that case, close Eclipse, update Java, and restart Eclipse.