Systems Engineering Software

SE Software perspective

The layout of the different parts of the Eclipse IDE, including the position and size of the various views, can be configured per perspective. Different perspectives allow you to use different layouts for different tasks.

Eclipse ships with some built-in perspectives. The Systems Engineering software also ships with a perspective that is ideally suited for the use of the Systems Engineering software. This perspective is called the SE Software perspective. If you downloaded a Bundled IDE release, this perspective will be enabled by default, when you first start Eclipse. If you close the perspective, it will not be automatically opened again.

You can manually open the SE Software perspective, by selecting Window ‣ Perspective ‣ Open Perspective ‣ Other.... Then, in the Open Perspective dialog, select the SE Software perspective from the list, and click the OK button.

By default, Eclipse shows the opened perspectives at the top right corner of the Eclipse IDE. Each perspective is a button that can be used to active it. If the button appears in a pushed state, that perspective is active. The following image shows an Eclipse IDE with two open perspectives: the Resource perspective and the SE Software perspective. The SE Software is the currently enabled perspective.


By default, the SE Software perspective shows the following views:

  • Project explorer (top left)
  • Applications (bottom left)
  • Problems (bottom, grouped)
  • Properties (bottom, grouped)
  • Console (bottom, grouped)

You can manually add open additional views, close some views, move views around, change the size of the different views, etc. If at any time you wish to go back to the original layout, you can reset the perspective, by selecting Window ‣ Perspective ‣ Reset Perspective.... Click the OK button to confirm.

Whenever a new release changes the default layout of a perspective, for instance by adding a new default view, you can reset the perspective to get the new view, or you can open that view it manually.